Physical Therapy/Rehabilitation Services

In October 2009, our La Jolla office opened an on-site physical therapy and hand center designed to continue excellence in rehabilitation for our community. We have developed a fun, creative, and educational environment with state of the art exercise equipment. Our therapists have a wide array of functional training expertise and equipment to replicate "real life" movement ranging from balance activities to agility drills to specific hand function and coordination required for daily activities.

Depending upon your specific needs, physical therapy could be prescribed to increase range of motion, reduce pain, restore function, or prevent disability.

In some cases, physical therapy may postpone or even eliminate the need for surgery.

With over 45 years of combined clinical experience managing athletic injuries, orthopaedic traumas, and musculoskeletal disorders, we are a team highly dedicated to assisting our patients achieve their individual goals. We look forward to assisting those in need of rehab of injuries from any sport, traumatic accident, or unspecific ache or pain that is preventing them from living their best life.

For more information, please select a therapist below:

Kristen Manecke, Certified Hand Therapist (Assoc. Director)
Andrew Harrah, Physical Therapist
Jessica Sheehan, Physical Therapist
Chad Mediate, Physical Therapist
Jennifer Crittenden, Physical Therapist
Sinead M. Clancy, PT, DPT, Ph.D.

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