The last thing Robyn Benincasa thought she would ever need was hip surgery. A world-class athlete, she's always been in great physical shape - always in-training and ready for the next race. Robyn has competed in Ironman Triathlons and week-long, 600-mile Adventure Races in remote corners of the world. However, several years ago while competing in Scotland, her leg started to bother her. By the end of her race, Robyn was in a lot of pain. Back home, in San Diego, Robyn met with our orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Michael Kimball. He recommended a new procedure, Birmingham Hip Resurfacing (BHR) - perfect for active patients who suffer from hip pain. BHR preserves more of the natural bone structure and stability than traditional hip implants. Recovery time is quicker, which was important to someone like Robyn. She was back to work as a San Diego firefighter in five weeks. Just in time to help fight the fires during Firestorm 2007.
Robyn Benincasa - Birmingham Hip Resurfacing (BHR)

“Prior to surgery, I could only do so much because both of my hips were bone on bone. I was in extreme pain each day and could only stand for a brief period of time in the morning each day as the pain would get worse. Then, approximately a year ago Dr. Rosenfield replaced by left hip and recently he replaced my right hip. I now have two brand new hips. When I met with him initially, I was advised to strengthen the muscles that would be rehabilitated “prior” to surgery - this allowed me to dress myself and leave the hospital with my walker two days after surgery. I followed Dr. Rosenfield’s recovery instructions very carefully, and I walked, and walked. I kept the pain medication to an absolute minimum and personally believe this allowed me to walk even more. Three weeks after the operation I was back at the gym strengthening the same muscles I had before my operation. Four weeks post-surgery, I played 18 holes of golf at Coronado and scored a 90 with absolutely no pain. My hips are aligned perfectly and I have a new life. I don’t spend all day lying on my back because it used to hurt too much to turn over before I had surgery. People even tell me I look taller. I experienced a miracle. My life is so much different now! Thank you so very much, Dr. Rosenfield, you completely changed a person’s life!”
John K. - Full Hip Replacement

"I just want to say thank you to Dr. Rickards. After cracking my fibula during the Bridge Run in May, I was able to heal and get back in shape for the final run of the San Diego Half Marathon Triple Crown thanks to the help of Dr. Rickards. Thank you so much for your guidance and help.”

Joshua G.

"The doctors and staff show compassion, empathy, and patience for me when I am in pain. Dr. Anderson and Dr. Rosenfield have both taken the time to explain things thoroughly and I really appreciate it."
Nancy I. - Chula Vista, CA

"Dr. Rickards accurately diagnosed the conditions that brought me to her and clearly explained them to me. Her initial treatment plan was intended to avoid surgery. However, after a few years of conservative care, surgery became unavoidable. Dr. Rickards' surgical techniques are elegant and extremely effective for both simple and complicated procedures. For me, the surgeries were successful, swelling minimal and scars barely noticeable. I have also been fortunate enough to be treated by Girard's hand therapist, Kristen Manecke. Kristen gave me concise directions, nurturing me from post-surgical to functional by developing a treatment plan that was specific to my needs. Finally, I believe that in addition to knowledge and talent, I have thrived under the care of Dr. Rickards, her assistant Margarita, and the rest of the Girard Orthopaedic Surgeons staff because they have treated me as a person instead of a symptom. Yes, I recommend Girard Orthopaedic Surgeons Medical Group, Inc. to anyone."
Allison F. - Hand Surgery

"Dr. Tayyab is exceptional in his knowledge and skills!"
Judi H. - La Jolla, CA

"Girard Orthopaedic Surgeons is a highly efficient, friendly, and professional medical group. They do everything explicitly well. From the initial phone call to the doctor's examination including the diagnosis and treatment plan to an expedite recovery. I am very pleased with the results and give Dr. Rickards five stars!"
Ron N. - La Mesa, CA

Years of sliding into bases while playing baseball may have damaged Mike’s left hip, but he continued to play sports, go hiking and travel with his wife and their two children. In June 2009, however, everything changed when his hip started to cramp up. It was a sign of the osteoarthritis that was causing his hip joint to fail. “It got to the point were I could barely walk,” Mike, 49, explains. "By November, I had to lift my left leg to get it into the car. I was still playing indoor soccer, but it was a challenge to get on the court.” After his osteoarthritis was diagnosed, Mike started doing research on the hip. "Dr. Kimball's surgery itself was fascinating to me and gave me hope that I could actually go back to playing sports again,” he says. “Given my age, I still wanted to play tennis and soccer, golf, go hiking, all of that.” Mike returned to work four weeks after his surgery and has been steadily starting up again with all his favorite activities. He’s back to tennis and hiking – including 23 miles in Yellowstone National Park – and is looking forward to rejoining his wife on the court as goalie of their coed indoor soccer team. “It’s absolutely awesome,” Mike says. “I find the movement in the joint keeps getting better and better.”
Mike - Birmingham Hip Resurfacing

Dr. Kimball has been treating my left knee for more than a decade with excellent results. He scoped my knee twice and then a few years later a brace was fitted for stability. All of the treatments helped me continue to work my physically demanding job as a TV News Videographer, play golf, garden and exercise. We knew I would ultimately need a total replacement. But when? Dr. Kimball always told me I would know when it was time for a knee replacement. I knew. The quality of my life and work was suffering. It was time for my 57 year old knee to be replaced.

My wife and I talked with Dr. Kimball about the procedure and recovery. We were confident and prepared. We agreed that I would be a good candidate as an out patient and trusted his advice. I was home in 24 hours. This allowed me a quicker recovery time and ability to start physical therapy sooner. I continue to stretch and maintain an active lifestyle in my daily routine with full flexibility in my knee.

I highly recommend the out patient procedure. I know it helped me tremendously.

I went back to work, with NO restrictions after only 7 weeks. I had to be at full strength to do my job and I was. I am required to work in every situation and terrain you can image with a video camera, tripod and gear, covering the news. I am occasionally tired and sore after a long day but now I feel ready to go again the next day when in the past it would take several days to recover.

I was playing golf within 6 months and I'm back to gardening. I have no problems doing ANYTHING.

Bruce Patch
TV News Videographer