Osteoarthritis services offered in San Diego and Chula Vista, CA


If you’re one of the 32.5 million Americans with osteoarthritis, you can find the help you need for your stiff, painful joints at Girard Orthopaedic Surgeons Medical Group, Inc. Experienced orthopaedic surgeon Neil Tayyab, MD, provides medication, steroid injections, and other nonsurgical therapies to relieve persistent joint pain. Dr. Tayyab also specializes in minimally invasive surgery to replace severely damaged joints. Call the Chula Vista or San Diego, California, office today to schedule an osteoarthritis consultation or book an appointment online.

What is osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative arthritis caused by the protective cartilage that lines the end of your bones wearing away. Without sufficient cartilage, the bones rub together in the joints, creating friction. Over time, the friction leads to persistent stiffness, swelling, and joint pain.

Osteoarthritis becomes more common as you age, especially if you’re a woman. You can also be at increased risk for the disease due to:

  • Genetics
  • Obesity
  • Repetitive movements
  • History of joint injuries

Girard Orthopaedic Surgeons Medical Group, Inc., provides comprehensive care to people with osteoarthritis symptoms that interfere with their quality of life.

Dr. Tayyab focuses on nonsurgical treatments to improve joint function and relieve pain. He can also do minimally invasive surgery to repair or remove bones damaged by osteoarthritis.

When should I seek medical attention for osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis symptoms tend to build gradually but do get worse over time. Schedule a diagnostic evaluation at Girard Orthopaedic Surgeons Medical Group, Inc. if you have osteoarthritis symptoms that affect your joints. These symptoms include:

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Stiffness
  • Limited range of motion

In severe cases, osteoarthritis causes deformities in the bones of your joint. These deformities physically limit you and can lead to disability.

Dr. Tayyab completes a physical exam of your affected joint to check your range of motion. He might order X-rays or other imaging tests to confirm an osteoarthritis diagnosis.

How is osteoarthritis treated?

Osteoarthritis isn’t curable, but with proper management, you can control your symptoms and prevent them from worsening.

Girard Orthopaedic Surgeons Medical Group, Inc. offers nonsurgical treatments to ease osteoarthritis stiffness and pain. Your plan can include:

  • Daily exercise
  • Physical therapy
  • Oral pain relievers
  • Steroid injections

If these treatments don’t control your osteoarthritis symptoms, Dr. Tayyab could recommend surgery. Surgery is generally a last resort for joint deformities that result from severe osteoarthritis.

Dr. Tayyab uses minimally invasive techniques to repair or replace damaged joints to relieve your symptoms and restore your joint’s range of motion.

Call the Girard Orthopaedic Surgeons Medical Group, Inc. office nearest you today to schedule an osteoarthritis consultation or book an appointment online. The team will take the time to answer any questions you may have.